The Use of Color Can Influence the Practice of Yoga

It has been known since the beginning of time that color has a major impact on setting a specific mood or state of mind. Joschi Schwarz – Owner of Le Male Yoga, NYC – uses the power of color therapy as a tool to help his students.

Color influences our feelings, moods and emotions. Power Flow Yoga takes advantage of the Power of Color with a color-changing LED system.

Joschi Schwatz

As one of the languages of the soul, color influences feelings, moods and emotions, but can also have an impact on overall well-being and influences the flow of energy in the body. Each color has its own frequency and vibration and is believed to relate to different parts of the body.

Le Male Yoga – Opening in Chelsea, NYC on July 10, 2012 – incorporates a custom-programmed color-changing LED system in its Power Flow Yoga Classes to create a variety of moods from the first to the last pose. Depending on what the class wants to achieve, the whole studio will be washed in a certain color to attain the desired effect.

To stimulate and excite, Schwarz uses red, the color of fire and blood. Associated with energy red connects to the physical self. To create a warm and joyful feeling, combining the energy of red with the happiness of yellow Joschi turns the studio orange so students connect to the emotional self.

Inducing happiness and joy, the color of sunshine – yellow – connects students to their mental self. Refreshing and cool, green is the color of nature and symbolizes growth and harmony. The energy vibration of green connects people to unconditional love, opening the heart chakra.

Power Flow Yoga uses blue – the color of the sky and the sea to let students connect in a holistic way. Often associated with depth and stability, blue symbolizes trust and wisdom. To create a calming effect for the nervous system Joschi Schwarz turns the studio into indigo. Hightened awareness and the ability to foresee and visualize desired outcomes connects students to their unconscious self. Connecting to the spiritual self is one of the highest orders in yoga and to achieve that, Joschi uses the color purple. Combining the stability of blue and the energy of red, purple symbolizes power, luxury and ambition.

Developed especially for men, the demanding and athletic Power Flow classes will help practitioners look their best by building strength and stamina while improving mental clarity. Power Flow combines an action-packed sequence of twists, hip openers, arm balances and abdominal work with powerful breathing techniques in order to sculpt the body, strengthen the core muscles and improve overall fitness.

The detoxifying sequences are guaranteed to make students sweat while simultaneously opening the flexibility and suppleness of the muscles. With a focus on alignment, pranayama (breath control) and bandhas (energy locks), flexibility will improve, blood circulation throughout the body enhances, and energy is awakened.

Power Flow Yoga for Men is an athletic, challenging and fun yoga experience. One of the design features of the studio includes a custom-programmed color-changing LED system to create a variety of moods from the first to the last pose.

About Joschi Le Male Yoga:
Where Men Do Yoga in Chelsea – NYC’s Premier Yoga Studio for Men

A modern, boutique-style yoga studio for men, Le Male Yoga mixes innovative yoga workouts & educational programs for men with a welcoming, socially active atmosphere. The Le Male Yoga team is excited to bring together a vibrant mix of men from all flows of life, with different kinds of goals, who hail from all over the world and are interested to initiate a lifestyle that liberates, expands and energizes.

Whether students are after a dose of chi before an evening out, seeking an athletic workout or a fresh perspective to bring out your best… Le Male Yoga offers something for every man!

Le Male Yoga offers extraordinary retreats and workshops in one of the most fabulous destinations in the world – New York City. Le Male Yoga aims to offer new adventures full of mystery and possibility – a chance to ‘come to it all’; connect with others, play, relax and rejuvenate and leave the straightness of the everyday world!

Le Male Yoga’s mission is to create an open, inclusive environment for gay, straight, and bi men and their families. Some of the classes are co-ed, so men can share the experience with their best friend, sister, confidant… Come into the beautiful world of Le Male Yoga.

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