Splurge, justified: The Lifting Eye Serum by La Mer


That La Mer isn’t created exclusively only for ladies, we men know that for a long time! La Mer’s journey began when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in an experiment gone awry and set out to create his own destiny. Physicist by day, stargazer and dreamer by night, he hoped to unlock the healing power of the sea he held so dear. Inspired by the oceanic world, Huber fermented nutrient-rich sea kelp with other natural ingredients. 12 years and 6,000 experiments later, Crème de la Mer was born – and Huber’s skin visibly restored.

The newest member of the La Mer Lifting Collection comes in the form of an ultra-luxurious lifting eye serum with serious credentials to justify the investment. First up, it is infused with a host of skin-loving sea-based actives and stars the red-algae – dubbed the ‘Fountain of Youth’ – technology that is completely unique to the brand.

Dubbed the ‘Fountain of Youth’, meet the leading man of La Mer’s latest beauty innovation.

And at €230 a bottle, it’s fair to say a certain level of expectations comes with the price tag. Which is why, the serum wastes no time in proving to be an overachiever sans over-promising when it comes to its beauty M.O. by working up to some of the most targeted results for the eye and brow area we’ve seen or heard thus far. And here’s how it’ll go the mile for you…


Magic weaves

The silky serum delivers an instantly soft, tightening effect to define eye contours but it’s the new Stretch Matrix Complex that truly seals the deal. Think of it as a network of sea-based actives coming together with the precious red algae to create an interlaced elastic net that naturally lifts and supports the delicate eye and brow area. The objectives are simple: more defined and sculpted eyes over time.

Uplifting ferment

Definitely more precious than it sounds, the ferment stirs up some next-level action with the help of red- and blue-algae to stimulate the production of elastin and strengthen the skin barrier surrounding the eye area. What this means is bouncier and younger-looking skin that looks totally rejuvenated – we certainly can’t complain.

Miracle broth

Dr. Huber believed the sea was a miraculous resource and sea kelp captured his imagination. With potent nourishing properties and an endless ability to regenerate, it held promise and hope. He hand-harvested and fermented kelp gently with simple, pure ingredients, infusing them with light and sound until they became the Miracle Broth™, soul of the cream that renewed and helped restore his skin. Today, the Miracle Broth™ lies at the heart of every La Mer product.

This is where it gets even better. We’re talking not one, but three forms of miracle broths; the original, concentrated and encapsulated to boost natural cellular activity around the eye area and firming its appearance as it goes.

And while we’re all for ageing with utmost grace, every now and then when a precious serum comes into the picture offering to naturally soften the side effects as it works its magic, who are we to look the other way? La Mer, you’ve got our full attention.


La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum

Make it your own

Here’s how you can maximise the benefits of your nightly La Mer eye ritual.

Step 1 Use the round side of the cooling applicator on cleansed skin to stimulate microcirculation while soothing the eye area.

Step 2 A little goes a long way; dispense a drop of serum onto the tip of your ring finger and gently press into the eye area.

Step 3 Use the flat side of the applicator to sweep over the eye, starting from the inner to outer corners in an outward and upward motion to lift and smooth. Repeat under the brow to complete the ritual.

La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum, €230 for 15ml is now available at all La Mer counters worldwide, and at selecteds stores. Come into the world of La Mer.





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