Choose your destination Berdoues Grand Cru Collection Croisière Bora Bora, Capri and Koh Phi Phi


Founded in 1902 by Guillaume Berdoues in Toulouse, French Maison Berdoues is specialized in fine fragrances and cosmetics. The tradition of the Maison has stretched over four generations of the family. Thanx to long tradition joined with modern approach and new technologies, the Maison has managed to provide, create and distribute something very unique to their customers.

They have processed all steps of production and distribution to the finest details. One characteristic of Berdoues is that the Maison has his own perfumers who work on development of fragrant compositions. Special attention is paid to research and development department, where a whole team of experts work on active principles, ingredients, and formulation of products.


The newest unisex collection Berdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière of French house Berdoues leads us to the exotic destinations of Capri, Bora-Bora and Koh Phi Phi. The three new editions repeat the flacon shape of the Grand Cru collection, this time with bright, colorful illustrations and idyllic motifs of the sea and the coast. The limited collection was presented in May 2019. Choose your destination:

Berdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Capri


One of the most exclusive destination on the Mediterranean, an island with thousands of scents. In the increasing and blazing heat, the citrus fruits are rocked by the first rays of sunlight. The wood of the vines, cedars and olive trees bring strength and beauty to this day that will soon vanish.

Bergamot from Italy – Orange from Brazil – Cedar from United States

Berdoues-Cologne-Grand-Cru-Croisière-Capri-Flacon.jpgBerdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Capri, A citrus, invigorating perfume, is an olfactory creation by Flavien Laurendeau.


Berdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Bora-Bora


French Polynesia is seen as a true slice of paradise. Nature awakens in the turquoise lagoon reflections. With a slight breeze, the delicate sea spray shines and a suave softness reveals itself, mixing the exoticism of the tiare flower, the sensuality of coconut oil and the subtlety of orange blossom

Coconut from Indonesia – Orange Blossom from Tunisia – Petitgrain from Paraguay

Berdoues-Cologne-Grand-Cru-Croisière-Bora-Bora-Box-Flacon.jpgBerdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Bora-Bora, a solar, exotic perfume, is an olfactory creation by Michèle Saramito.


Berdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Koh Phi Phi


The simple mention of a trip to Thailand brings to mind escapes that mix tradition with leisure. A spectacular sun rises over the Andaman sea and ascends high in the sky. The ylang-ylang and jasmine flowers spread their delicious and opulent floral notes. Tree bark, earth and sand, heated by the sun, release a soft, comforting and warm scent.

Ylang from Comores – Tuberose from India – Vetiver from Tahiti

Berdoues-Cologne-Grand-Cru-Croisière-Koh-Phi-Phi-Flacon.jpgBerdoues Cologne Grand Cru Croisière Koh Phi Phi, a floral, heady perfume, is an olfactory creation by Céline Perdriel.

The unisex fragrances of the Cologne Grand Cru Croisière collection are available as a 50ml Eau de Parfum limited edition. The newest collection can be found on the official website. Come into the beautiful world of Maison Berdoues.




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