Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum: for Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Uneven Skin Tone & Texture

Dr Dennis Gross has recently launched a new serum called Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum, it firms and fights wrinkles while you sleep. This powerful formula has Niacinamide to perfect appearance and time-releasing Retinol that assists the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Every time you sleep, your body goes through a natural repair process to recover from stress caused by daytime aggressors. Enhance that nightly renewal with the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum. Designed to minimize all signs of aging, this weightless serum fights wrinkle formation, dullness and dark spots to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

The beauty sleep enhancing elixir works by blending 3 reparative anti-agers, a super molecule trifecta of retinol, feurlic acid, retinol and niacinamine. Now combined with adenosine for enhanced results.

Together this trio smooths and softens skin to make you look years younger. Wake up refreshed and confident to face a new day. Recover firmness and help smooth wrinkles caused by aging and the environment. This potent anti-aging serum delivers a time-released dose of retinol overnight to support skin’s natural repair process.

How to use: Nightly, massage 2-3 pumps into clean, dry skin. For optimal results, use following your Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel. Follow with any moisturizer of your choice from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. Use sunscreen during the day.
Once open, most effective when used within 12 months.

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum is vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free formula.

Who is Dr. Dennis Gross?

Dennis Gross, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatological surgeon who has been in practice for 25+ years. He is well-known for his expertise in skin health as well as his approach to creating and maintaining the most natural-looking skin utilizing state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments and dermatologic technology. Dr. Dennis Gross is a regular guest on shows including Dr. OZ, The Today Show, The Doctors, CBS: The Early Show, and CNN.

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum comes in a 30ml flacon, and is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful od Dr. Dennis Gross.

ReGen De Peau launches their revolutionary Platinum skincare

ReGen De Peau Platinum is an innovative, all-natural skincare backed by science that disrupts the way a person ages with powerful treatments of healing, lifting and wrinkle reduction. One product… One application… One minute… Two times daily.

ReGen™ features Pene-Fusion 8™ technology that allows the ingredients to live together in an encapsulated form and ingredients to remain active even after the package is opened. It is made up of four ingredient complexes: MDI complex, UGL Complex, BMPX Complex and the organic Japanese Blue Lotus flower extract, known to be a miraculous turnaround in anti-aging.

Apply a dime-size portion directly onto skin, each to the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck with a firm tapping motion to expedite penetration and energy into the outer layer of skin. No additional moisturizers, eye creams, or lip creams are necessary. Any other cream, sunscreen, or makeup, can be applied 10 minutes after application.

Régén De Peau Platinum hydrates and accelerates skin cell renewal. Protect skin day and night against free radical damage with this breakthrough Pene-Fusion 8TM technology. Recent Research and Development breakthroughs include: Manufacturing and producing the fastest enzymes, combined with the power of peptides, penetrating nutrients and minerals that go deeper than any other product known in skin care.

Finding ingredients and developing new products that are proven to optimize the energy of skin cell renewal evenly for laser skin care procedures. The cooling properties of this gel cream formula are enormous for pain relief and post procedure rapid healing. Results that speak for themselves.

ReGen De Peau Platinum has more ingredients than any other skincare product with four complex, clinically proven powerful combinations, plus 47 other highly-effective and proven ingredients such as alkaline pure and mineral-based water – a first in skin formulation. TAP into the Next Generation of unisex, multi-functional, multi-cultural skincare.

About Oli Scarlato

Founder Oli Scarlato and Sharna Burgess (Dancing With The Stars) at Emmys week 2019

Founded by Oli Scarlato, with 35 years in the industry, Scarlato has traveled the world as a spokesperson, first as a model for Revlon turned laboratory geek and scientific ingredient research specialist to develop and bring to market revolutionary new skin care products with her Pene-Fusion 8 Technology: cutting-edge yet simple skin care formulas clinically tested and shown to assist resurfacing and renewing aged, wrinkled, scarred, and blemished skin.

My life long desire to create a revolutionary, regenerative, natural skin cream became a reality with my ReGen De Peau Platinum all inclusive formula

Suffering scalding burns over 50% of her body at age 4, started Scarlato’s quest to create her ‘dream cream’ – ReGen De Peau Platinum – one of the few world’s only natural, time-released, single-step, anti-aging skin care regimen. The ‘dream cream’ became a reality. Science had finally met simplicity. 

A devoted philanthropist, Scarlato is highly-respected in the health and beauty industries, having worked with noted companies such as: Dow Brands, Lange Laboratories, and Trionics Laboratories. As a scientific skin care research specialist by trade, and a philanthropist to critical burn patients in both action and heart, Scarlato is bringing to life her vision of revolutionizing skin care technology. Scarlato contributes to children through the gift of her healing products, specifically those who experience the physical disfigurement and pain of burns.

Her personal mission is to improve the quality of life for these children through continued development of healing products. Their current challenging times have led to an increased awareness of the need for self-care. ReGen De Peau Platinum is a solution to care for skin after wearing a face mask all day. Come intothe beautifu world of ReGen De Peau.

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Earns NSF International’s Certified for Sport® Certification

CB Supplements Multi Collagen Protein Powder recently earned certification from NSF International’s Certified for Sport® program. NSF International is a global public health organization that tests and certifies products to help protect athletes and consumers from potentially harmful ingredients and athletic banned substances in dietary supplements.

CB Supplements was founded in 2018 with a goal of providing the highest quality multi collagen powder. In late 2019, New York Times Bestseller and globally recognized nutrition expert, Dr. Cate Shanahan, started endorsing CB Supplements and their mission.

CB supplements multi collagen is formulated to concentrate the nutrients in bone broth, naturally supporting the health of your joints, skin, hair, nails, gut and more.

Dr. Cate Shanahan

After Dr. Cate’s endorsement, CB Supplements continued their quest for quality in early 2020 by starting the process to get their staple product, unflavored multi collagen powder, NSF Certified for Sport®. They are the first multi collagen powder on the market to achieve this certification and now allows them to sell directly to professional sport teams and athletes requiring NSF Certified for Sport®.

Products earning Certified for Sport® certification are tested for over 272 athletic banned substances as well as potentially harmful levels of specific contaminants like lead and arsenic. Product formulation, label claims and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance are also verified as part of this rigorous supplement certification program.

We believe in collagen so much that we feel anybody and everybody can and should take it. Having this certification provides us a platform for our product to reach a wide range of people including the working professional, moms and dads, seniors, workout enthusiasts, and the best athletes in the entire world. It’s always been about quality and our hope to impact the health of millions of people.

Charlie Bailes, Founder.

NSF International’s Certified for Sport® program helps athletes and consumers make more knowledgeable decisions when choosing supplements. MLB, NHL and CFL clubs provide and recommend products that are Certified for Sport® and players are urged to use only these certified products. The Certified for Sport® certification is also recommended by the NFL, PGA, LPGA, CCES, CPSDA and Taylor Hooton Foundation as well as many other sports organizations.

With certification, CB Supplements is included in NSF’s online listing of certified products and on the Certified for Sport® app. The app features enhanced search capabilities, side-by-side product comparisons and a UPC barcode scanner to find Certified for Sport® supplements.

About NSF International

NSF International (nsf.org) is a global public health organization that facilitates standard development, and tests and certifies products for the health sciences, food, water and consumer goods industries to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide. Operating in more than 175 countries, NSF International is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment.

Learn more about CB Supplements NSF Certified Multi Collagen Protein Powder.

Bend Beauty Transforms Your Skin From the Inside Out




Many educated consumers now understand the link between what you eat and the way you look, and Bend Beauty is setting itself apart with its ingestible beauty products. The Canadian brand is based in Nova Scotia and uses clinically proven ingredients that work in synergy with your body to ‘transform your skin from the inside out’.

The brand offers both an Anti-Aging Formula and a Marine Collagen + Co-Factors beverage. The former focuses on skin rejuvenation with increased elasticity, hydration, and protection against UV-induced sunburn. The latter was formulated to promote healthy collagen production in the skin, giving your skin structure, firmness, and elasticity.

Anti-Aging Formula

Anti-Aging Formula is the critical first step to skin rejuvenation. Unlike any other skincare product it goes deep to address the root factors of Skin Climate and produce a broad range of clinically proven anti-aging skin benefits such as increased elasticity & firmness, hydration, reduced redness and roughness, and protection against UV-induced sunburn.

Anti-Aging Formula is available as 200ml liquid or 120 mini softgel capsules


Marine Collagen + Co-Factors

In the body, collagen is the primary ‘structural protein’ however due to its importance to skin we also refer to it as the ‘beauty protein’. Marine Collagen + Co-Factors is specially formulated to promote healthy collagen production in the skin. Don’t just build collagen, build healthy collagen with Marine Collagen + Co-Factors. With the synergy of collagen peptides, silicon, and wholefood vitamin C it helps protect against age-related decline by promoting production of healthy collagen. In youthful skin, collagen is abundant giving your skin structure, firmness, and elasticity.

Most collagen peptides are derived from cow hides however, they source theirs from sustainably caught wild fish! Not only is this a more environmentally responsible choice it is also shown to be up to 1.6x more effective than traditional cow sources.

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors comes in three flavours: Strawberry, Coconut & unflavoured. This powerful trio helps to rejuvenate skin and provides a significant boost to hair and nail health.

Marine Collagen + Co-Factors is available in 246gr. powder (28 servings).

Bend Beauty will appeal to conscious consumers as the brand only uses ingredients that are responsibly sourced. In addition, the beauty company is a member of 1% For The Planet, an organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. For more information, come into the beautiful world of Bend Beauty.





Perfect Tanning, Healthy Skin

SVR has been a French dermocosmetic brand since 1962. The laboratory offers effective dermatological solutions for all types of skin.

You can get a nice tan even in the city, where more than ever you need to protect yourself from both UV rays and pollution. The dermatological brand Laboratoire SVR has thus created Ampoule Protect, the perfect urban screen. It is an ampoule with SPF30 protection that offers an excellent corrective action on wrinkles and dark spots on the complexion and a lasting protective action.

Perfect Tanning, Healthy Skin. SVR Ampoule Protect SPF30 is available in a flacon of 30ml at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of SVR.

Perfect Tanning, Healthy Skin with Nuxe Sun Fluid Light Face High Protection SPF 50

A little tan and we are immediately more beautiful. Provided, however, that we use the right protection and all the precautions to keep skin healthy.

From Nuxe experience, the French pioneer brand of natural origin cosmetics, Sun Fluid Light Face High Protection SPF 50 was born. A treatment to be ‘shaken’ before application so that the incorporated sphere instantly fluidizes the texture to make it super light. Ideal especially for normal and combination skin, it is water resistant and easily biodegradable.

Perfect tanning, and a healthy skin. Nuxe Sun Fluid Light Face High Protection SPF 50 is available in a flacon of 30ml at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of Nuxe.

La Mer launch Replenishing Oil Exfoliator

The upscale beauty brand La Mer has just announced the launch of its new Replenishing Oil Exfoliator, designed to gently exfoliate skin, slough away dead skin cells, and reveal healthy looking, radiant complexion.

The gentle new exfoliator, which has a consistency of a thick golden jelly, is formulated with the Miracle Broth, a blend of natural oils, kelp, molasses, and vitamin C. The delicate scrub is infused with natural exfoliating agents such as sea salt and sugar Crystals.

The gentle new exfoliator, which has a consistency of a thick golden jelly, is formulated with La Mer’s signature Miracle Broth, a blend of natural oils, kelp, molasses, and vitamin C. The delicate scrub is infused with natural exfoliating agents such as sea salt and sugar Crystals.

On contact with the skin, the golden gel transforms into a silky soft liquid oil that penetrates deep into pores to clarify the skin, brighten and renew the complexion. The soothing, natural blend relieves any discomfort, irritation and inflammation, as it instantly moisturizes, smoothes, and improves blood circulation.

La Mer’s new Replenishing Oil Exfoliator, it is replacing The Refining Facial, is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. People with acne-prone skin should be beware of the product with mostly natural oils. They tend to clog pores. People with dryer skin will most likely welcome the new addition for the skin supposedly feeling more hydrated than using a traditional scrub.

La Mer’s new Replenishing Oil Exfoliator is presented in a 100 ml tube, and is available at selected stores worldwide. Come into the beautiful world of  La Mer.

Ascenta Skin Becomes Bend Skincare in Corporate Rebranding


Canada’s revolutionary anti-aging supplement Ascenta Skin™ is reestablishing itself as owner and formulator Marc St-Onge launches Bend Beauty, Inc. The same great formula, which fights the signs of aging from the inside out, is getting a new look and new brand name – Bend Skincare™.

Bend Skincare is the flagship product for Bend Beauty, Inc. Bend Beauty President, Marc St-Onge is excited to continue Bend Beauty’s expansion as they continue to advance the anti-aging skincare market. Rooted in a belief that “When you nourish all the connections something beautiful happens”, Bend Skincare is helping people to create a beautiful life.

Recognizing the limitations of a skincare routine that is only topically focused we pioneered anti-aging skincare from the inside out. This reorganization allows the company to strengthen it’s focus in this market sector and increase investment in the company’s core research and product development.

Marc St-Onge, Bend Beauty President

Bend’s benefits come courtesy of its clinically proven formula providing six active ingredients: EPA, DHA, GLA, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and Vitamin D. Unlike topical creams and serums which remain largely at the skin’s surface, Bend’s oral delivery allows for saturation of the skin’s deeper layers effectively targeting the root cause of skin aging.

Combined, the ingredients work synergistically to boost elasticity & firmness, increase hydration, reduce redness & roughness and even skin tone. And if that’s not enough, it also increases skin’s resistance to UV damage by 83%, as proven in a human clinical trial.

Bend Skincare is available in a liquid and softgel, each offering the same great benefits, with visible improvements in as little as two weeks with full results in three months. Bend Skincare can be found at select spa retailers, skin care professionals, and Bend Beauty.com