Carrozzeria Touring Bellagio Fastback to Debut at Villa d’Este


The latest Pininfarina designed Maserati Quattroporte is already a stunning car with a powerful and elegent presence. Iconic Milan based coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring has taken the design a step further with a wagon version called, the Bellagio Fastback. To some, the fastback design adds a sleek new persona along the lines of a bespoke luxury estate such as a shootingbrake type vehicle but with four doors.

Carrozzeria Touring Bellagio Fastback is set to Debut at Villa d’Este 2008 in addition to a new sportscar under the Superleggera name.

Recently Italian StudioM also presented a Quatroporte Shootingbrake project named Cinqueporte but as far as we know, nothing in full scale has surfaced yet.

Come into the wonderful world of Touring Superleggera.