Rolls-Royce teases first image of new Phantom

Rolls-Royce teases first image of new Phantom

A week before its official unveiling, take a look at the latest automotive haute couture offering in the Rolls-Royce stable…

British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce has unveiled the first teaser image of the new Phantom VIII. While the still image reveals little, it does hint at a new front look courtesy of redesigned headlights. The latest iteration of one of the world’s most luxurious cars has been confirmed as the final Phantom for the brand’s highly anticipated ‘The Great Eight Phantoms exhibition’, which will also include Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Phantom VI State Limousine, The Aga Khan’s Phantom IV, the Marshal Montgomery’s Phantom III, and the Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Phantom II Continental.

The new Phantom VIII will make its debut at ‘The Great Eight Phantoms exhibition’ at Bonhams in Mayfair, England on July 27.



The future of luxury mobility Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100

The Vision Next 100 has to be the most extreme concept ever built by Rolls-Royce since its founding in 1906. This exploration of an autonomous vehicle is perhaps most interesting for the design, and its clear inspiration from the most beautiful cars of the 1930s, while looking completely at home in the 2030s and beyond. Luggage storage is pleasantly retro as well, with two grand tourer cases that open up from a slot behind the floating front fender, where the engine would normally be.

Earlier, group mate BMW showed with a study model of the same name what it has in store for the future consumer. After the BMW Vision Next 100, the BMW group is today introducing the Rolls-Royce of the future to us.

In addition to the Vision Next 100 title in ALL CAPS, this concept has been given the name 103 EX in the tradition of the British brand (there were already the 101EX and 102EX). The more things change, the more they stay the same. Rolls Royce therefore wants to stick to the ideas of Sir Henry Royce.

In addition to the Vision Next 100 title in ALL CAPS, this concept has been given the name 103 EX in the tradition of the British brand (there were already the 101EX and 102EX). The more things change, the more they stay the same. Rolls Royce therefore wants to stick to the ideas of Sir Henry Royce.

Because the idea of ​​the Vision Next concepts lies more in sketching a picture of the future than in presenting concrete models to be introduced, it is very questionable what we will eventually see in return.

Looking towards the next 100 years, each and every Rolls-Royce will be a unique work of art. Shape, size and silhouette – you will be able to craft your vision entirely from the wheels up.

If it is up to Rolls-Royce, it is mainly due to the clientele of the brand. In the future, the brand mainly wants to work towards a much higher degree of personalization. The time of unique carriages will definitely be back in the future, according to Rolls Royce.

This 5.9 meter long Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is more a spa than a car. The future vision of the British luxury brand is completely autonomous and has a ‘Virtual Assistant’ on board, named Eleanor. A nice hint to the past, because actress Eleanor Thornton once modeled for The Spirit of Ecstasy, the well-known image at the front of every Rolls-Royce. Yet it is not the only hint to the past, because the brand believes that personalization will continue much further in the coming years. There must be unique bodies, just like in the times when coachbuilders made unique ones.

The only thing the cars are going to share is the lightweight platform. Furthermore, each car will be assembled by hand and made completely to the customer’s wishes, both in terms of design and equipment. This even means that the customer can determine how long the car should be, because the wheelbase is also completely as desired. It always has a powerful electric powertrain.

No driver’s seat or steering wheel, but a two-seater sofa and a huge OLED screen across the entire width of the car. You also no longer do boarding with a doorman. No, the whole car folds open so you can walk in and take a seat. At the same time, you can make a large entrance by opening the entire car. This is supported by LED lamps, which project a kind of red carpet on the ground.

The personal assistant Eleanor is given a form of artificial intelligence. For example, it remembers the favorite routes, but also the taste of the passenger. This way the system knows exactly to which restaurant or gallery the car should be sent.

In the future, your luggage will no longer be in the trunk, but it will be neatly tucked behind a compartment in the side. Unload yourself? No, the car can do it itself, as Rolls-Royce puts it, ‘hand it to the doorman’.

Rolls-Royce sees a future for coachbuilding (again) and wants to be able to work out a concept proposed by the buyer in the form of a completely unique coach.

Come into the beautiful world of Rolls-Royce.

Raise your glass

Christmas shoppers desperate for a gift for the one who already has everything might be desperate, especially since the 25th is just around the corner. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is pleased to present a limited edition Cocktail ‘basket’ designed to satisfy the needs of customers who want to relax with something more than the traditional glass of champagne.

Life may be about the journey, but we can all make time for the finer things on the way. Inspired by the launch of Dawn, the Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper is the British carmakers most sociable accessory to date. With only 15 to be made, it’s also one of their most exclusive.

Everything they create at Rolls-Royce combines an equal measure of beauty and practicality. The same is true for the limited edition Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper. Expertly handcrafted from aluminium, carbon fibre, walnut and leather, the hamper contains everything needed to create and enjoy your favourite cocktails with friends.

As with their motor cars, the detail of each item has been meticulously thought through, from the fine cotton napkins, to the American walnut muddler, to the laser-cut cocktail strainer, engraved with our ‘RR’ monogram.

The enjoyment of a fine cocktail is undeniably enhanced by the quality of your glass. To create the unique glassware for the limited edition Cocktail Hamper, Rolls-Royce commissioned the world’s most renowned glassmaker and supplier of many of Europe’s Royal Courts, Theresienthal. Since 1836, their craftspeople have followed their time-honoured technique of blowing glass into beech wood moulds to guarantee an exceptionally smooth finish. Each glass is topped with a platinum halo.

Whether your guests prefer a classic Negroni or something more experimental, you’ll find a selection of the finest cocktail recipes in the Rolls-Royce Cocktail Collection. The collection is made in partnership with two experts from the Dorchester Collection’s London hotels, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane.

Finally, the basket comes with a glass tray that is discreetly housed under the integrated wooden cutting board, so drinks are presented to guests in consummate Rolls-Royce luxury.

Unfortunately, the cocktail kit is available in a very limited number, the British car manufacturer only makes 15 copies. Of course the cocktail baskets fit perfectly in the Ghost, Dawn and Phantom. As we have come to expect from Rolls-Royce, this exclusivity comes with a hefty price tag, for over £26,000 (around €30,000) this cocktail bar can be yours – and alcohol is not included. Come into the beautiful world of Rolls-Royce.

Mini’s baby Rolls-Royce

A Rolls-Royce in miniature, that is the Mini Inspired by Goodwood. Designers from the two British sister brands dressed a Mini Cooper S together in the best Rolls-Royce tradition. The luxurious Mini will be in the showroom in an edition of a thousand pieces.

In the past, when ‘everything’ was better, you could have your Mini decorated very luxuriously, by companies such as Wood & Pickett, Rapport and Hooper. Despite the many tuning companies that are now available for your Mini, you can really only go to the Italian coachbuilder Castagna for real luxury. But with everything Castagna creates, the British brand thinks, “oh… we can do this too”.

So now. Next week at the Shanghai auto show, the Mini will unveil a special Cooper S called Inspired by Goodwood. With a rapidly growing number of millionaires and even billionaires, China is of course the country to offer a compact car that is decked out with top materials as is normally reserved for limousines such as Rolls-Royce.

For starters, we come across cashmere, nappa leather on both the center console and the seating area and black piano lacquer on the steering wheel. The dashboard is finished with ‘Walnut Burr’ (expensive name for expensive wood), but also the lambswool mats that are known from the Rolls-Royce models.

The color scheme was also selected by the Rolls-Royce craftsmen from Goodwood. For the interior, they opted for the warm, beige shade of Corn Silk that extends to the headliner, and the exterior is painted in Diamond Black metallic paint from the Rolls-Royce shelves. But those who do not like black metallic paint can opt for the color ‘Reef Blue’.

In addition to the standard nappa leather upholstery, the Mini Inspired by Goodwood comes standard with automatic air conditioning, Park Distance Control, an audio system with Harman Kardon speakers and 17-inch alloy wheels. The badge ‘one of 1000’, on the center console, indicates that it is an exclusive and limited Mini.

The 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine from the current Cooper S is also in the Mini Inspired by Goodwood. The engine is equipped with Twin Scroll turbo technology and coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is possible in 7 seconds and the Mini reaches a top of 228 km/h. Average fuel consumption is 5.8 l/100 km (1 in 17.2) and CO2 emissions are 136 g/km.

The price of this ‘baby Rolls-Royce’ is not yet known. Delivery will start in the spring of 2012. Enter the beautiful world of Mini.

Haute automobile:  Rolls-Royce Phantom Edag

The ultimate decadence for people who already have everything: a special entry folding roof for the Rolls Royce Phantom. The German company Edag presents this ‘comfort-enhancing innovation’ at the Geneva Motor Show.

The multi millionaires and billionaires of the world have a rough life, so tuning company Edag has decided to make things a little easier for them. Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show the Rolls-Royce Phantom Edag has an articulating roof design that eliminates the need for rear passengers to duck down as they enter the car.

Inspiration for the roof opening comes from what Edag considers an oversight by Rolls-Royce. In factory models the C-pillar was purposely created extra large so rear passengers would have the sense of additional privacy and security. This however results in a rather difficult entry and exit from the vehicle, even for people of average height.

To overcome this problem, Edag had to use carbon fiber reinforcements in the roof and modify the interior ceiling with genuine Rolls-Royce parts to create a seamless look. The construction is complex, because things such as stiffness, noise level and water drainage were not allowed to be endangered. Edag therefore experimented with different constructions before finally being presented.

In order to be able to step out of the car in the most elegant and upright position, Edag presents a special roof that folds up. Maximum convenience is guaranteed at the push of a button, which is very useful during a movie premiere.

To open the roof panel, the driver or passenger simply presses a button and the hydraulically powered roof segment rises in a smooth, silent movement. Electric motors must ensure silent opening and closing.

Edag is a company that, among other things, works on the development and optimization of production processes at various car manufacturers. In 2005 Edag surprised us with the collaboration with the Swiss Rinspeed which resulted in the Rinspeed Edag Chopster, a small series built car based on Porsche Cayenne.

A year later they launched the Pontiac Solstice Edag Hardtop, and the VW New Beetle Edag Biwak. Last year the company presented the Edag Luv, a cross between an SUV and a Pick-up with ‘nautical characteristics’. The main purpose of these cars was to present a business card and to excite car manufacturers.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Edag will not be standard in the showroom. But for those who want a copy, the Germans are willing to arrange it for you. Reportedly, Edag has already received a few orders, even before the car is actually shown to the public.

Come into the beautiful worlds of Rolls-Royce en Edag