Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil



The Sunday Riley skincare brand is the creation of cosmetic chemist and formulator, Sunday Riley. She launched the company in 2009. Their approach to skincare includes combing the most innovative and advanced ingredients available with plant extracts and user-friendly packaging.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is clinically proven to fight the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and promote skin smoothness in as little as four weeks. Retinol targets your pores to prevent fine lines, age spots, and dullness. You can easily add Luna to your night routine and enjoy the product’s color change from blue to clear once it’s absorbed.





Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

Along with retinol, vitamin C has long been heralded by derms as a gold standard of beauty ingredients. But you probably already knew that. Because oodles of research has consistently re-affirmed what we’ve known for years: that vitamin C can help diminish dark spots, brighten complexions, and help drum up collagen production when it travels to layers of the dermis. For the most part, we also know that ‘our skin does not produce vitamin C, therefore it is very important to supplement it in topical skin care’.

Face looking a bit meh? Drenching it with this fast-acting, Vitamin C-packed serum promises to bring back the brightness you’ve been missing in an instant, plus, it delivers brilliant long-term results when you stick with it.

Vitamin C serums are a dime a dozen. There are a handful of types of vitamin C and they all have way too many letters in their names and why do there need to be so many? I just want nice glowing skin! Not a spelling bee nightmare! The cheeky C.E.O name of Sunday Riley’s serum implies that there is more than just the one vitamin (C) – there’s also an E and O, mysteriously enough, in there. Actually the C in question here – tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – is considered the ‘gold standard’ stable form of vitamin C which brightens and evens out skin tone.

This serum’s main agenda is about brightening, but it also has glycolic acid (for exfoliating) and saccharide isomerate extract (for pore-polishing) so it gives you a kind of 360 experience. Technically all those things contribute to brighter skin, so consider it a package deal in making skin look like very nice fancy skin.

This serum is a lightweight emulsion that smells vaguely citrusy and absorbs nicely into your skin. For normal to dry skin types, I imagine this would suit nicely since it has a richer texture than the general serum, making it a great fall and winter serum in your skin-care line-up.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is available in a package of 30ml.